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Opening Defence
And the industry sustaining it.

We advise, consult and partner with your team – unbiased.

We are trusted advisors to Danish defence companies seeking eksport and foreign defence companies, seeking advice on the Danish Defence Industrial Base, industrial co-operation contracts and collaborations with the the armed forces in Denmark. We do not represent any company, act as agents or sell products, as we seek the role of independence to maintain our close relationsship to the Armed forces.

Industry overview

Get a comprehensive, tailored to your needs and non-biased industry overview of the defence industry, including relevant companies, PA-agencies, agents and distributors. The report enables you to act based on facts and information and let’s you find the best partner for your product or service.

Understanding the defence industry

During a 2 day “course”, we inform you and your team about the Defence industry do’s and dont’s. The course has been developed over a period of 6 years with continuous updates and improvements and we have completed more han 60. Contact us to get the complete “curriculum” and learn more about what we teach.

Business development and sales

A mixture of marketing, sales and business development, where we act as your representative on Defence related products and services. We offer a comprehensive strategy development and the execution thereof. Our international team of partners ensure progress and results throughout. Contact Jannik Hjulgaard for more information.

Industrial Co-operation Contract mediation

Why mediation? We work for both the foreign obligator or the danish company seeking ICC projects with each other. As we have a very comprehensive industry overview and close collaboration with the Danish Business Authority, DALO and the industry we ensure all parties involved get the most out the project.

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