Is a business- and strategy development company, providing services in Central- and South America, Southeast Asia and Europe.

Strategy development is what we do best

CAPITAL E&I strategy development process enables, leads and manage you and your team. Our emphasis is put on useable strategies, that are easy to understand. As a result, you will experience a motivated team working from your conclusions.

Partnerships create progress

CAPITAL E&I find solutions to requests. Doing so, we spent a great amount of time, rethinking our partners products and its applications. We bring it in to a new context and market, in order to understand its ups-and-downs. The benefits of doing so, come to life, when your business suddenly takes a turn for the better.

CAPITAL E&I’s Network

The extensive network of CAPITAL E&I is regularly mapped for competencies, industry knowledge and affiliations. We explore business opportunities through our network on behalf of manufactures, privately held businesses and government. CAPITAL E&I do so with a push-pull thinking in order to provide the best solutions for our partners with the latest, proven technology.

Global Business Development

We don’t believe in short term business relations, but in long term, sustainable business. If that’s not your game, then we are not the company to work with. We want to bring ASEAN, Pacific and South America and Europe closer – and build long term relations.

Defence and Security Competencies

Capital E&I is highly specialised in Defence and Security. The competencies of our employees, the extensive global network within the industry and loyal customer base, allow’s CAPITAL E&I to find and implement viable solutions matching our customers needs.

Energy and Infrastructure

CAPITAL E&I is the link between user demands, local contractors and solution providers for initial deliveries and sustainable solutions creating long term business relationships.

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