2018 brings new clients and services

Throughout last year, CAPITAL E&I expanded their presence in Asia-Pacific, Europe and Central- and South America.

Today, we have more than 10 partners and references from Europe alone. On top, we have teamed with a bunch of local partners throughout the world, each expert in specific area’s such as; satellite communication, prison security, encryption services, tactical gear, those who purely serve special forces and many others.

Without giving to much away, we also have some very high-profiled companies joining us in both Q1 and Q2 of 2018. Says, Jannik Hjulgaard

See our new and referenced partners on our website

Profiled services in 2018

CAPITAL E&I whish to bring special attention to 2 of our 4 services in 2018.

Marketing strategy, execution and support: CAPITAL E&I offers a complete support system, ranging from developing and supporting the strategic marketing and communication plans (also known as “integrated marketing communication”), to basic operationalization of the strategic plan.

Technology and market scout services: If your company is looking for new technology areas, idea’s or partners to help you move forward, we are able to source this through our network.  We are also able to attend shows and events on your behalf, gathering business intelligence in a much more consistent and open way that many companies are directly.

We look forward to 2018 and exploring new opportunities with our current and new partners.




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