Technology Scout

Combining products, ideas, services and concepts

At CAPITAL E&I we offer a new take to businesses looking to enhance their product portfolio and technological capabilities.

Technology Scouts

Use CAPITAL E&I and our partners as your technology scouts. We obtain  and source high-tech defence and security technology from across the globe. The competencies within our network, processes and approach, allow us to combine products in new and cost effective way’s. 

Independent technology providers

CAPITAL E&I maintains its relevance to partners as we are independent. When we initiate a project with our partner, we determine our position and network and start scouting the globalt market.

Market scouting at events and exhibitions

Part of the scouting and business development services we offer, includes an option of participating at exhibitions and events on behalf of the company. The benefit of doing this is 2-fold.

  • As an external party, we are able to distance the company and ask more direct questions without causing conflict.
  • We are also able to offer a wider range of partnership constallations as we look at the company in broader terms.

The business intelligence is gathered more easily when using external, professional business developers. For SME defence companies, CAPITAL E&I has had great success in scouting foreign markets. Through our network, we are able to quickly identify and relate to specific companies or industries and use the knowledge. We use extensive time and resources on preparation with key personnel up the event. And we include all MoM, vetting schedules and more for the company to use afterwards.

Reference cases

Technology and partner scouting

Technology scout

Technology scout

Technology scout