CAPITAL E&I (CEI) has completed phase 2 of their long-term strategy and CEO Jannik returns to Denmark once again. Straightaway, they will initiate phase 3 of the strategy.

CEI has now completed phase 2 of their long-term strategic efforts in Asia-Pacific and is now suited to promote trusted local partners within Navy, Air Force, Army, SOF and Police Forces in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh and Vietnam.

“Our strategy for the last 2 years has been focused on building long-term strategic partnerships with local companies in the South East Asia (SEA) region. We needed proven track records within their respective fields and companies with genuine connections.

We have to acknowledged that a local company embracing all forces are either non-existing or OEM affiliated and would therefore not be suitable for smaller Danish niche companies which we work with. Hence, the strategy has been solely focused on finding the best partners, distributors and people to suite that purpose”. Says Jannik Hjulgaard, CEO of CAPITAL E&I

To come: “Phase 3 – Grow the network and acquire large scale projects with Danish suppliers”

CEI’s reach in SEA is now at a point where projects which has been shaped over the course of 2-3 years are being realized, and at a point where the return of our long-term investment is starting to pay off.

Our primary partner base in Denmark is growing and based on this, so is the rest of EU and the US. During the fall of 2019 and through 2020, we will arrange these in new categories to fit the demands of our local partners and establish new partnerships throughout.

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