About Stellar Composites

Stellar Composites and Solas (parent company) aims to be the leading company in design, sale and distribution of composite boats up to 35 metres. They aim for a worldwide customer base. 
For the defence market, they can supply surveillance and attack crafts to the navy, the coast guard, the police and to law enforcement agencies. For the civilian market, they supply recreation crafts for tourism, luxury purposes, ambulance services and transportation.

Stellar Composites mission

To design and build boats with passion, using the best in technology and quality. The vessels should be equipped with the best products in industry. And capable of use in extreme operating conditions, for military and civil purposes, at highly competitive prices.

Faster on water, designed for the future is our guiding principle for all that we do.

CAPITAL E&I is able to support these vessels with many additional add-ons, please contact us for ancillaries such as Weapon Stations, Weapon Mounts, Armor and more. 

Reference customers

Defence Forces

  • Sri Lankan Armed Forces
  • Indian Navy
  • Indian Peace Keeping Force

Government Agencies

  •  Ministry of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, Sri Lanka
  •  Port Authorities, Sri Lanka
  •  Customs Department, Sri Lanka
  •  The Mahaweli Authority
  •  Department of Wildlife Conservation, Sri Lanka
  •  Ministry of Disaster Management – Centre for Flood Relief
  •  Bay of Bengal Programme (BOBP)
  •  The Government of Great Britain – The Sand Skipper Project – Overseas Development Administration

SM50 – FIC 16,33m

Roler: Interception

Length: 16,33m

Speed (max): 48knots

Crew capacity: 4

SM32 – FIC 10,81m

Roler: Interception

Length: 10,81m

Speed (max): 44knots

Crew capacity: 2

Inshore Patrol Craft 44ft

Roler: Patrolling

Length: 13,50m

Speed (max): 40knots

Crew capacity: 8

Patrol Boat 32ft

Roler: Patrolling

Length: 9,75m

Speed (max): 30knots

Crew capacity: 4

Pilot Harbour Patrol – 11,5m

Roler: Patrolling

Length: 11,50m

Speed (max): 40knots

Crew capacity: 2

OSV 20m

Roler: Offshore Services

Length: 20,00m

Speed (max): 20knots

Crew capacity: 6

FIFI Fast Coastal Protector 13m

Roler: Fire Fightning

Length: 13,00m

Speed (max): 40knots

Crew capacity: 4


Roler: Emergency Medical Support

Length: 10,00m

Speed (max): 40knots

Crew capacity: 4