About Space Inventors

Space Inventor is a satellite engineering company set up by a team of some of the most experienced nanosatellite engineers and entrepreneurs in the industry. The team has designed and built satellite components as well as complete satellites and missions since 2002.

At Space Inventor we define, design, build and test a range of avionics products based on the most stringent reliability requirements in the nanosatellite industry in order to meet the growing demand for professional, industrialized nanosatellites with a minimum of 5 years life-span.

A nanosatellite by Space Inventors

All Space Inventor modules are hardened by design and formed with micro-satellite performance in mind. The ultra-modular approach allows our reliable modules do be interchangeable between micro- and nanosatellites, which is apparent through the use of stand-alone enclosures with hi-rel connectors.

Space Inventor offers a series of standard avionics products within power, on-board computers and radio communication systems and also fully integrated satellite missions.

We understand the need for tailoring and customising the individual missions, hence we also provide engineering services for custom development and mission design.

With the experienced team at Space Inventor, we are able to provide a fast track to making reliant new-space solutions with high quality and performance that matches our clients mission requirements.

Products and services


  • Satellite modules or complete satellite solutions
  • Customer Payload integration
  • Customised space systems design and implementation
  • Consultancy on space missions or satellite design
  • Mission planning and operations

Ship and Air Traffic Monitoring

The AIS/ADS-B Satellite is capable of monitoring ship and air traffic from space with daily global revisit. A constellation of minimum 20 satellites can provide real-time global coverage.

Earth Observation

The 6U Earth Observation Satellite is a cost-effective imaging platform. Extremely short “time-to-orbit” of less than 12 months. Down to 10 meter ground resolution.

Signal Intelligence

Signal Intelligence Satellite in ultra small form-factor including UHF, VHF, and S-band surveillance with optical gigabit downlink.

Custom Platforms

We provide customised satellite platforms in any size and form from 1U CubeSats up to 100 kg micro-satellite units.