RESEIWE was established in 2013. We have a deep knowledge of protocol optimization in communication systems. We use our IPR and knowledge to create solutions for ultra-reliable data links in radio systems either to extend the lifetime of already deployed systems or to use conventional equipment or standards for applications far beyond what they were originally designed for.

What they do

As wireless connection becomes a commodity, the market for reliable wireless communication links grows significantly. The ability to upgrade existing systems to a significantly higher reliability level protects already made investments in currently deployed systems.

How they do it…

Wireless standards and systems are designed and optimized for specific scenarios. Making them work in other scenarios requires changes in the protocol. With our patented ReWiLink™ technology we rework the protocol to increase reliability over the same hardware, while staying within the existing radio certification limits.

In space, ReWiLink™ maximizes the amount of data transferred during a pass

Case: Radio links for miniaturized satellites (aka CubeSats) is challenged by the very short time when the satellites can be reached due to their orbiting height (700km) and speed. The operator may want to have a large amount of data downloaded during a pass lasting only a few minutes.

ReWiLink™ adapts the radio link to the changing conditions during all the stages of a satellite pass: From the point when the satellite becomes visible on the horizon, during the highest point with good conditions and until the satellite disappears again under the horizon. With ReWiLink™ the amount of downloaded data maximizes and the value of the mission increases.

Product case,

MI241, ultra reliable link


Brazilian mining company Vale SA is the largest producer of iron ore and nickel in the world with mining activities in 11 countries. One of their sites is the open-pit iron ore mining complex Itabira. Vale’s R&D branch (ITV) contacted RESEIWE as the innovation team wanted to test the ReWiLinkTM technology. The wireless radio system at Itabira was causing issues due to its limited range and the many dropouts that the workers experienced. This as a result of interference and the presence of dead zones everywhere in the complex. This situation had a negative impact on the operations of the mine and its overall productivity.


The natural obstacles that hinder wireless communication at the Itabira complex are due to the topography and the ferrous content in the surrounding rock deposits. Other hurdles are the result of the constantly changing landscape and the continual movement of machinery, which place a strain on wireless reception. Yet another aggravating factor is the location of the mine itself that lies between two other mining sites whose wireless radio signals generate a great deal of interference. To make matters worse, the mining complex is situated at the outskirts of the town of Itabira, where local ISPs and private Wi-Fi networks contribute to crowding out the shared frequency, thus weakening the wireless system at the mine and causing even more noise.

Our Solution

Despite all the described hindering factors, we were able to provide ITV with two Mi241 modules that could overcome the existing obstructions at the mine. According to the tests conducted at Vale, the signal between the base station and the mobile unit covering the length of the mine did not suffer the usual dropouts of the conventional system due to dead spots. In fact, the former intermittent connection losses disappeared when our ReWiLinkTM technology was applied to the wireless network of the mine, increasing the reliability of the system. The tests also revealed another advantage of implementing our solution based on ReWiLinkTM –the coverage range of the wireless network doubled, as you can see in the diagrams of the previous page. These facts demonstrate that our ReWiLinkTM technology is well-suited to the challenging environment intrinsic to mining sites. Therefore, we can offer you a tested product that can improve the reliability of your current system by providing you both with interference immunity and range extension.

Our customer say

“The R&D team is convinced that ReWiLinkTM would increase the reliability of existing networks and prolong the lifespan of existing 802.11-based equipment”.