About the company

PROTECT A/S manufactures fog cannons for burglary protection in most parts of the world. Founded in 2001, the 100% Danish-owned company has its headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Hasselager, near Aarhus, Denmark. Most fog cannons are exported and sold in 50 countries. PROTECT A/S is the only manufacturer of fog cannons in Scandinavia.

In Denmark, PROTECT Fog Cannons are sold by the majority of alarm installation contractors. Abroad, sales and support are provided by a network of distributors.

Measured by number of products sold, PROTECT A/S is one of the world’s largest manufacturer of fog cannons for burglary protection. We are also one of the fastest-growing manufacturers of fog cannons – and our excellent growth rates and our solid financial position provide our customers with a sense of security.

Product development and market adaptation will achieve the goal

One of Protect’s goals is to make life as easy, flexible and safe as possible for your everyday experts – alarm installation contractors. They have therefore listened carefully to what customers tell us in order to quickly adapt to the market situation with new and improved products. They believe that a reliable security product with a long service life, which is recommended by everyday alarm experts, is the way to reach companies and private individuals who want to stop burglars before they break in.

Fog cannon

A FOG CANNON IS A WISE CHOICE If you are looking for an economical security solution that also has the greatest effect on theft, then you should continue reading.

The only way to safeguard your valuables instantaneously is with a fog cannon as a supplement to your alarm. The quality of the fog and reliability are two important arguments for choosing PROTECT.

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Fog Cannon - protect

A product for every need Supermarkets protect alcohol and cigarettes Security fog protection is appropriate for any type and size of space.

With a fog cannon, you can protect any space, from a small room in a basement or an office to a large warehouse or an entire supermarket. When choosing a fog cannon/smoke cannon, it is a question of how many rooms and how many valuables you want to protect with fog – and how fast the fog needs to spread.

A combination of our five different models can be an excellent solution in many places. If your alarm installation contractor is a certified PROTECT dealer, he can carry out the correct dimensioning and quote you a price for installation. Or you can contact us for a non-binding chat and for information on the nearest dealer.