About MyDefence and the Anti Drone technology

MyDefence produce portable and personel Anti Drone technology. The company is an entrepreneurial enterprise rooted in the experience of former military officers. We leverage a deep understanding of military operations and robust insight into advanced radio technologies, with expertise of highly skilled RF engineers.

We nourish a disruptive technology culture within our corporation, with a strong desire to develop revolutionary, solid and superior technology, which protects infantry soldiers, from Improvised Explosive Devises (IED) or drones carrying explosives.

By listening to our customers, and combining lessons learned with our technology and research, we have made revolutionizing steps towards robust wireless signaling in mission critical environments. The knowledge gained and shared, makes our products truly cutting edge. At MyDefence we realize the terms “Interoperability” and “Mission Critical” are lifesavers. Around these notions, we work our projects and products in order to accommodate the military needs for flexibility and operability.


Contact CAPITAL E&I for further information about MyDefence Anti Drone technology and their product line. Please note that CAPITAL E&I is able to combine this technology with other anti-terror equipment from PKI-Electronic.

Profiled competencies

When MyDefence was formed in 2009 it was a business entity of the Swedish R&D Defence Company Mykonsult AB. In 2010 MyDefence it was then separated from Mykonsult and moved to Denmark to continue the research in Anti Drone technology.

The entrepreneurial mindset of company, include operational military experience and advanced radio technologies. Many of the employees are ex-military officers with engineering or operational background.

The company vision, is a desire to develop revolutionary new technologies within Anti Drone technology aiming at protecting infantry soldiers. Many are still their ex-collegaues. In the beginning, the focus was towards Improvised Explosive Devises (IED). However, during the initial phases of the research, MyDefence understood that they could revolutionise the common approach to electronic signals used in warfare. And later, that they could make an impact on robust wireless communication in mission critical equipment.

“Interoperability” and “Mission Critical” is the notions MyDefence work with. It sometimes means that they challenge themselves with problems so tough, that they at first seem impossible to solve. That is their approach to stay genius and leap ahead.

Read more at their website www.mydefence.dk

Smallest Anti Drone technology available in the world

Product features

With SWaP (Size, Weight and Power) analysis and a user oriented development focus, MyDefence anti drone systems match the requirements and operational needs of professional soldiers and SOF.

WINGMAN is a an intuitive wearable alarm system, that has and continues to be developed with military personnel and SOF’s globally. This approach ensures the right mix of capabilities and technical features.


WINGMAN Anti Drone is carried on the torso and on the outside of your clothes to optimize performance (e.g. vest or backpack straps).

It operates both as a standalone unit, or connected as a peripheral device to other equipment, such as a personal communication radio. Through the radio, you will be able to integrate your anti drone detection system to C2 systems such as ATAK or similar. WINGMAN continuously scans and searches for UAV control and video signals and acts as an early warning device against commercial drones. The continuous scanning function makes it capable of detecting the drone, often before take off.

The impressive performance packed in a small and lightweight case, makes it the smallest and most powerful wearable drone detector on the counter UAV market.

Features developed with the user

WINGMAN is waterproof. Cover-caps protect the unused connectors, making it possible to wade through water and operate in pouring rain. Alarms are indicated either with sound, vibration or bright LED’s. Continuous updates are provided to the drone database with new search filters, in order to provide users with the latest technology – at all times.

Extended range detection for special missions is available upon request. MyDefence has developed high performance antennas to cater to the needs of the most demanding users.

Technical specifications

  • Battery capacity: Connects to ext. battery
  • Power supply: 12V charge cable
  • Frequency antenna: 2.4-5.8GHz (60° angle)
  • Software defined radio: 70MHz to 6GHz
  • Detection time: <5sec known target
  • Operating temperature: 0° – 57° C
  • IP rating: IP67
  • Dimensions: H:153xW:82xD39mm
  • Weight: 460g
  • Color: Black/dessert
  • TRL: 9
  • Detection range: +2km

Product features

WATCHDOG is a standalone or linked RF sensor, capable of providing make/model information to the user, by searching for control signals and video feeds to and from the drone.

WATCHDOG is specifically suited for stationary installations such as perimeter protection at prisons, military camps or can even be mounted on vehicles. Multiple WATCHDOGS can be installed on a scaleable network, enabling triangulation of drones and larger area detection.


A single WATCHDOG unit is able to detect drones at a 60° angle at long ranges and often before the drone takes off

With a single cable installation, WATCHDOG can be used for rapid protection of remote camp sites, military bases, refugee camps and borders. The network cable installation enables WATCHDOG to be setup in a perimeter configuration along, e.g a fence or wall, to obtain coverage against hostile reconnaissance drones.In a network configuration, together with IRIS (situational awareness application) you will be able to receive information such as coordinate/heading and insert your own distinguishable point of interest, such as “northern tower, “hill top”, or “gate”. By doing so, users will be able to act quickly and more precisely to the threat itself.

Features developed with the user

The built in antenna and single cable PoE system allows for a quick installation. And the descreet materials makes it blend in seamlessly.

WATCHDOG plug-and-play interface, makes it easy to connect with existing security infrastructure, or on a protocol level.

Technical specifications

  • Frequency antenna: 2.4-5.8GHz (60° angle)
  • Software defined radio: 70MHz to 6GHz
  • Power supply: PoE
  • Detection time: <5sec known target
  • Dimensions: H:174xW:100xD:43mm
  • Weight: 515g
  • IP rating: IP67
  • Color: White/grey/upon request
  • Operational temperature: 0° – 57° C
  • TRL: 9
  • Detection range: +2km
  • NSN: 5865-22-629-7919

Product features

WOLFPACK is a 360° RF sensor, capable of providing make/model information to the user, by searching for control signals and video feeds from drones.

WOLFPACK is suited for stationary installations such as perimeter protection at prisons, military camps, mounted on vehicles or sea vessels. As a standalone unit, it detects and enables triangulation of drones in large areas.


The WOLFPACK drone detection system is light weight and portable. Being made from durable and lightweight materials, makes installations on vehicles, buildings or tripods straight forward.

It is simple to configure and setup. WOLFPACKs operational focus, has ensured you will be operational within minutes. The 360° coverage and intelligent signal analysis, helps to indicate the threat direction, type and model of drone. All of the information is displayed on our user-friendly interface IRIS (situational awareness application).

IRIS is our consolidating graphical user interface, which displays the neccesary information to the user.

Features developed with the user

WOLFPACK is designed with simplicity in mind its size, weight and power provide a competitive edge. The system is upgraded through IRIS. New features, GUI updates and processing updates are performed on a regular basis and are driven by customer feedback.

WOLFPACK is easy to interface with existing security infrastructure, either through our plug-and-play user interface or on a protocol level – and requires only 2 cables.

Technical specifications

  • Frequency antenna: 2.4-5.8GHz (360° sensor)
  • Software defined radio: 70MHz to 6GHz
  • Power supply: 12V
  • Detection time: <5sec known target
  • Dimensions: H:210xD:324mm
  • Weight: 18kg
  • IP rating: IP67
  • Color: White/grey/upon request
  • Operational temperature: 0° – 57° C
  • Coverage: 360°
  • Interface: Ethernet
  • TRL: 9
  • Detection range: +2km

Product features

EAGLE classifies the specific radar signature from drones, like fast rotating propellers and provides real-time information on speed, range, direction and more.

Radar detection is by far the best fit for RF detection of drones and is a must, if you are looking for precise target information.


The EAGLE radar provides full 360° detection and tracking of drones in large areas.

Protection against autonomous drones, flown via way-points/GPS, requires a radar. The EAGLE radar adds a more precise level of detection to the system, enabling it to detect drones operating without transmission between the operator and the drone itself. EAGLE is suited for mobile scenarios where fast deployment is required such as with VIP protection or fast insurgions due to low weight and easy setup.

It’s compact design makes it easy to install on any surface, without any additional modifications needed. This makes it perfect for prisons, embassies, critical infrastructure and large compounds. EAGLE provides reliable and accurate flight-track information, making your countermeasure and risk mitigation more effective.

Features developed with the user

Weight, size and power consumption of the system has been a consideration from the beginning. Due to its low weight, it is also possible to carry the radar to a desired position, such as a roof- or hilltop.

EAGLE requires little processing power, making it possible to perform the needed surveillance, on something as small as a tablet with IRIS installed (situational awareness application).

Technical specifications

  • Frequency: X-band (10.015-10.085GHz)
  • Frequency modulation: FMCW
  • Power supply: 115-230V AC
  • Detection range: <1.000m
  • Classification range: <500m
  • Detection time: <4sec
  • Update: 60rpm
  • Dimensions: H:640xW:540xD:190mm
  • Weight 23kg
  • IP rating: IP54
  • Color: Grey/upon request
  • Operational temperature: 0° – 57° C
  • TRL: 8
  • Detection range: <1km

Product features

IRIS is a command and control alarm system which visually present the information, detected by our sensors. By setting the GPS location of the individual devices and the control station, you will be able to create a complete map, with visual overlay information of the zones you are to protect and detect.


IRIS is two-fold. For users with large existing infrastructures, you will be able to use our SDK/API development tool, and integrate our sensors to your current platform, through the “IRIS Backend Server solution”. The comprehensive documentation esually allows for a 5 days’ integration, installation and field test.

For users with no existing infrastructure or users who require rapid setups, “IRIS Frontend solution” is available too. Any alarm recorded by the RF sensor is instantly shown on the server screen in the mission control room or field tablet, indicating which zone has been activated, and the make and model of known drones.

New maps are downloaded during mission planning and final setup is adjusted during deployment. Alarm information is shown with icons and detailed information in text boxes.

Features developed with the user

IRIS is designed with simplicity in mind. Our users require a minimalistic design and the option to remove any unnecessary information from to the display setup.  All sensors can be updated through IRIS, allowing for easy maintenance and a complete oversight of your current installation.

Through our partners, IRIS is capable of sending messages (e-mail, text or to HF-radio) allowing for faster responses – contact us to learn more.

Technical specifications

  • Operating system: Linux
  • Maps: ESRI arcGIS server
  • Software interface: JSON/REST
  • Server requirements: Min 4GB ram, 2.2GHz Core 2 Duo
  • Client requirements: Min 2GB ram, 2.2GHz Core 2 Duo
  • Map-based mission planning, downloaded prior/during setup
  • Multi-sensor integration
  • Online-offline logging view
  • Offline post processing
  • Multiple logins/Distributed situational awareness
  • Integration with 3rd party systems

Product features

The PITBULL is a wearable smart jammer engineered to protect dismounted soldiers against commercially available drones used by enemy forces for reconnaissance or as weapon delivery systems. With its ruggedized exterior, and weighing only 775 grams, the PITBULL smart jammer is a versatile platform that allows dismounted soldiers to focus on the mission. The PITBULL works together with the WINGMAN series of drone detectors, making a complete detect-and-defeat solution to mitigate the threat of malicious drones.

MyDefence is determined to reduce SWaP (Size, Weight and Power consumption), and the PITBULL is developed to be thetoughest, lightest, and most power-efficient wearable CounterUAS jammer available on the market at a cost-effective price.


The PITBULL is a true wearable Counter UAS jammer that can be carried on the torso or on the outside of your clothes to optimize performance (e.g. tactical vest) using the MOLLE straps. Its low weight and small form factor allows each soldier to carry a personal PITBULL as an active countermeasure against the threat of malicious drones.

The PITBULL works directly out of the box and is very easy to operate. It is designed to function either autonomously or manually, and the internal directional antennas cover the 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz and GNSS frequency bands. With its directional antennas, the PITBULL is capable of jamming a malicious drone at the distance of 1000 meters. An external active antenna will be made available to cover additional frequency bands.

The PITBULL can work as a stand-alone device. In manual mode, the PITBULL will constantly jam the desired frequency to deny any malicious drones access to the airspace. In autonomous mode, the PITBULL can work together with the WINGMAN series of drone detectors, and automatically jam the control signal when a malicious drone is detected. The impressive performance packed in a small and lightweight form factor makes it the only truly wearable Counter UAS jammer on the market that is designed to meet the tactical requirements of dismounted soldiers.

Features developed with the end user

PITBULL is designed to reduce the cognitive load of its operator, allowing soldiers to focus on the mission. The Counter UAS jammer is light, wearable and requires little to no training. The software-based jammer will continuously be updated in an effort toconstantly refine and better the performance of thejammer.

MyDefence is working on an external active antenna for the PITBULL Counter UAS jammer that will provide the end user with the ability to cover additional frequency bands, and thereby extending the capability of the jammer.

Technical specifications

  • Weight: 775 grams
  • Dimensions (D x W x H): 60x90x165mm (2.36 x 3.54 x 6.50 inch)
  • Battery (standby): >20 hours
  • Battery (continuous jamming): 2 hours
  • External battery: AN/PRC-148 and AN/PRC-152
  • Operating modes: Automated and Manual
  • Transmit power: 2W
  • Frequency bands: 2.4 & 5.8GHz
  • Internal antenna: 6 dBi antenna gain, EIRP of 8W (39dBm), Circular polarized, Half power beamwidth 60° hor. & ver.
  • Jamming range: 1,000 meters
  • Color: Black/Desert/Custom

Included accessories:

  • Molle System
  • Custom Peli case

Optional accessories:

  • Firmware Upgrade Tool