About Dencrypt

Dencrypt A/S is a Danish company, specialising in developing and providing solutions based on the principle of Dynamic Encryption, which was invented and patented by Professor Lars Ramkilde Knudsen of the Technical University of Denmark. The company was established to enable everyone to communicate in confidence. Dencrypt combines advanced encryption technology with user-friendly operation.

Their solutions protects against espionage using IMSI catchers and eavesdroppers in the telenetwork infrastructure. Our customers are private companies as well as government offices for whom protection of confidential information, critical technology and customer correspondence is essential. The Dencrypt Talk app for smartphone enables end-users, high and low, to make encrypted mobile voice calls and live chat from their smartphones. No additional equipment is required. Using Dencrypt Talk is as easy as making regular calls.

All personnel and board members have security clearance for Danish SECRET by the Danish Defence Intelligence Service. Dencrypt’s offices are located in Copenhagen (Hvidovre) and Aalborg.


  • NATO and Danish Defence on list of reference customers
  • Common Criteria certifcation of iPhone app and Dencrypt Server System
  • Vincent Rijmen, co-inventor of AES, endorses Dynamic Encryption as ‘state of art in cryptology’
  • PC-mmagazine: Dencrypt among ‘220 Intriguing Global Startups to Watch’

CAPITAL E&I is able to combine the encryption technology with the finest counter intelligence equipment in the world, trough our partner PKI-Electronic. Please contact us, or browse their catalogue online.


  • Dynamic Encryption + AES-256 or proprietary/national inner algorithm
  • Standard protocols: Transport Layer Security (TLS), ZRTP, Di e-Hellmann
  • Apple / Google push-notifcation services for call alerts on phone
  • Mutual authentication of app on phone and server
  • Mobile Device Management system may be used for app-deployment
  • Apple AppStore and Google Play may be used for app-deployment


  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), end-to-end encryption (phone-to-phone)
  • User friendly smartphone apps, also used by senior management
  • Live Chat (no chat history), group calls (max.. 5 participants)
  • Server operated on-site by customer or as cloud-service (on Danish servers))
  • Accreditation for DANISH (NATO) RESTRICTED allows for mass-deployment » Dynamic Encryption extends the expected lifetime for standard algorithms
  • Perfect Forward Secrecy: any cryptographic compromise would only a ect a single call/message