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Anti terror equipment

About the company

PKI Electronic offer a wide range of anti-terror- and surveillance equipment. They have gathered all of the equipment you will ever need. This is done in order to make it easier for government departments to find and purchase the necessary equipment.

PKI Electronics ensures complete deliveries of all systems. Take a look on the right side, to get an insight in to the many areas of application where they are able to meet your requirements.


Product categories

  • Interception and Monitoring Systems
  • GPS / GSM Technology
  • Audi Surveillance Equipment
  • Counter Surveillance
  • Video and Night Vision systems
  • Jammin Systems
  • Police, Customs and Military equipment
  • Training program


The catalogues below feature some of the most modern and most trusted anti-terror equipment. When it comes to gather intelligence in the fight against terrorist attacks PKI equipment is the place to go. The list of references goes along the way. This is due to high quality products, co-development with the users and comprehensive training options in Germany in secluded surroundings.

If you are looking to gather intelligence, from a distance or up-close – this is the catalogue to have. Contact us if you request, need any help finding products. We also have a task team of industry professionals that can help you, in finding the right solution. See our contact page.

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PKI Electronics – Intro

For more than 40 years PKI Electronics, have been a specialists in surveillance systems.The close corporation with government departments reflect the worldwide requirements due to terrorist attacks. PKI stays abreast of these changes and has become specialized supplier for many international departments.

PKI Electronics – Information box

Grossenseer Strasse 18, D – 22952 Lütjensee / Germany

  • Global customer base
  • Works with anti-terror and surveillance equipment
  • Offers complete training programs on all products