Market strategy testimonial

“Since January, our business and market strategy, developed with CAPITAL E&I, has been implemented. They took us from a broad market perspective, to focused and quantifiable segments. Their continued support, has already provided us with a short-term return of investment and clear way forward to grow our business. I can only give them my best recommendations on the strategic work they performed for MyDefence”. CEO, Christian Steinø, MyDefence Communication, September 2017

Company: MyDefence Communication

Service area: Strategic business and marketing development

About MyDefence Communication:

MyDefence is an entrepreneurial enterprise rooted in the experience of former military officers. We leverage a deep understanding of military operations and robust insight into advanced radio technologies, with expertise of highly skilled RF engineers.

We nourish a disruptive technology culture within our corporation, with a strong desire to develop revolutionary, solid and superior technology, which protects infantry soldiers, from Improvised Explosive Devises (IED) or drones carrying explosives.

By listening to our customers, and combining lessons learned with our technology and research, we have made revolutionizing steps towards robust wireless signaling in mission critical environments. The knowledge gained and shared, makes our products truly cutting edge. At MyDefence we realize the terms “Interoperability” and “Mission Critical” are lifesavers. Around these notions, we work our projects and products in order to accommodate the military needs for flexibility and operability.

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