Featured service for Q1: Marketing execution support

CAPITAL E&I is now able to offer and service the entire marketing function for SME’s in Denmark.

Working on the principles of “Integrated Marketing Communication”, we are able to direct and simplify the company’s communication from the very beginning to the very end. We create a unified experience, carrying the same brand experience, voice and feel throughout. Having full control of all of the communication towards customers, create the foundation for a much faster buying decision and keeps customers retained and engaged in the company’s communication afterwards” – Janus Engmann, CMO at CAPITAL E&I

Service examples:

  • Website update/Webshop
  • Marketing materials, templates and brochures
  • Share point
  • ROI monitoring
  • Operationalizing and in-line with your Go-to-Market plan

CAPITAL E&I provide the service in accordance with your needs, either within a project scope or on an hourly or monthly retainer fee. Throughout the process, it’s made evident and clear what milestones and goals are to be accomplished and within what timeframe. Please contact CAPITAL E&I for more information and reference cases.

A news service for free

CAPITAL E&I have gathered their most viewed RSS feeds on a one-page website and made it available for all to use. Forsvarsministeriet, public military tenders from Denmark and EU, FAD, NORDEFCO, and an array of Danish and international Defence medias are on it.

It minimizes the search time and you are quickly able to see all of the information at once.


Dencrypt on-board

Dencrypt joined CAPITAL E&I in January 2018.

“We are actively promoting their products in Indonesia to begin with, creating the foundation for the rest of Asia-Pacific. Hardcore encryption technology is sought after here, as they battle old infrastructure technology with security breaches all over. Dencrypt’s products provides them with an immediate workaround to large communication infrastructure projects which can now be put on hold” – Jannik Hjulgaard, CEO at CAPITAL E&I

Conquering Asia-Pacific?

If you want to learn more about the services we provide in Asia Pacific, please get a hold of us and contact us at

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