CAPITAL E&I at Eurosatory 2018

CAPITAL E&I at Eurosatory 2018

Once again, CAPITAL E&I is present at Eurosatory in Paris. Our successes in bringing businesses forward enables us to once more, participate in the large technology demonstration. Here we will be scouting for new technology to bring to our partners in Asia-Pacific and South America.

Since the beginning, we have focussed on establishing en creating a reliable and secure means of sales in the regions for European companies. Our focus and determination has paid off and we are now growing the partner sales representations internationally through our “managed exclusivity framework” which protects both the inventor and local representative.

Services provided

CAPITAL E&I provide a range of services to professionals and businesses globally. To learn more about us and our services, please go to our website at and learn more.

Marketing strategy and execution / Business Development and Sales / Technology Scouting / Industrial Co-operation Contracts (ICC)

Contact us and learn more

Please contact us prior or at the event to learn more about the solutions CAPITAL E&I provide to businesses. At the event we will be occupied throughout the day, but will reach back to you at the earliest convenience.

Contact Jannik Hjulgaard / Contact Janus Engmann


CAPITAL E&I operate in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Central- and South Americas. Our philosophy is sharing our network and including your company in the network to draw on the best of the best. When entering into a partnership with us, we share and include our network with your key personnel.

About Eurosatory

Eurosatory, the international land and airland Defence and Security exhibition, takes place every two years in order to gather the whole offer and demand of the domains. It was created in its original form in 1967 and has never stopped evolving. Attendees’ number always increased, visitors as well as exhibitors.

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