Market & export strategy

CAPITAL E&I offers strategy development, suited for small businesses aiming at international growth

Strategy development

You need a strategy to grow your business in Europe, Asia or South America. Let CAPITAL E&I develop your go-to-market plans and save years in learning by doing.

We follow a strict 6 phased development plan, successfully proven at other Danish defence companies, which we have divided in to the following topics.

  1. Preliminary interpretations, historical business successes and clarifications
  2. Market analysis
  3. Company analysis
  4. How your company acts in the defined market
  5. Management 12/12 seminar
  6. Development and presentation of future action plan

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The potential

With our in-depth strategy plan, we uncover the market potential of your products. We make sure your priorities are based on facts and knowledge about your current situation and set aside irrational decisions. The reason for bringing in external consultants to a strategy session is simple. Every company, manager or CEO need external views on what they are doing from time to time. Otherwise; “what used to be a tail wind is now a head wind. You have to lean into that and figure out what to do, because complaining isn’t a strategy“. – Jeff Bezos.

When you have created your strategy plan, and stick to it, we also need to develop a monitoring system. An effective ROI system, which allows you to keep track and comply to your plans for the future, even when the going gets rough.

When the work is done, you will own the strategy and analysis material. The empirical evidence created, will help you create and keep taps of future marketing and sales efforts.

CAPITAL E&I, work through global networks of highly skilled professionals in order to provide the optimum solution.